Function Declaration in C — User Defined Functions

  • Function type (return type)
  • Function name
  • Parameter list
  • Terminating semicolon

Points to note — Function Declaration

  1. The parameter list must be separated by commas.
  2. The parameter names do not need to be the same in the prototype declaration and the function definition.
  3. The types must watch the types of parameters in the function definition, in number and order.
  4. Use of parameter names in the declaration is optional.
  5. If the function has no formal parameters, the list is written as (void).
  6. The return type is optional, when the function returns int type data.
  7. When the declared types do not match with the types in the function definition, compiler will produce an error.
  1. Above all the functions (including main).
  2. Inside a function definition.

Prototypes: Yes or No

Parameters Everywhere!

  1. in declaration (prototypes),
  2. in function call, and
  3. in function definition.

Category of Function Declaration




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